Advancing global economic,
energy and climate security
by harnessing the power
of carbon data management.

We help companies make better
net zero decisions, with measured
and interoperable data.
Maintaining economic performance while seeking sustainable energy solutions to address climate challenges is a conundrum
for businesses across the globe.
Companies face increasing pressure to reduce their emissions, but we cannot mitigate
what we cannot measure. Accurate, up-to-date information about emissions and sources
can guide financial and operational decisions, optimizing efforts and integrating changes
that will offer the greatest business benefit.
At Planckton Data we manage the entire carbon data lifecycle.
We are your partners through data discovery, standardization and conversion to deriving
meaningful insights and providing scenario models to help make better decisions in your
journey to net zero.
The current state of carbon data collection is a challenge to a company’s net-zero journey:
  • Data is estimated
  • Data is not collected close to the source
    and calculations are applied to rolled up data
  • Machine level data is not used for measurement
  • Data lacks standards and does not utilize a common language
  • Data lacks interoperability and cannot be freely exchanged
Adding to the challenges, the carbon footprint of asset-heavy
industries can be especially difficult to measure due to the
vast array of widely distributed sensors and devices all using
a variety of proprietary protocols.
Performance optimizations in these industries, with an eye on maximizing profitability and global stewardship, must be fueled by accurate, actionable and auditable data.
That’s where Planckton Data can help.
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We guide companies to make better decisions
as they work towards net zero by using measured,
interoperable data. Our offerings are designed for
asset-heavy industries with focus on oil and gas,
chemical & refining,  mining  and resources industries.
Learn how Planckton Data can help guide your net zero journey.
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you harness the power of carbon data management.
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