End-to-end services
to ensure successful
net zero journeys.

Our consulting and technology services help you design and implement end-to-end carbon data management programs, your path to net zero strategy and carbon footprint assessment.
Data Readiness

Much of the data required to achieve both regulatory and analytical needs for GHG emissions is at best buried in various operations and ERP systems; trapped in systems and stored in multiple siloed applications, with inconsistency in storage, data standards, terminology, and usage.

Our services are geared to help you understand what needs to be measured, what data assets exist and where the gaps are. We help identify, collect, and prepare the needed data to support GHG reporting and analytics​. Our team brings  capabilities that are needed to harvest data objects underpinned by data governance and services framework​, data architecture, data objects sources inventory, and data health assessment​.

Path to Net Zero

The first step in the part towards net zero is to have a clear strategic roadmap to get to a low-carbon future. Having a clear understanding of priorities and where actions will yield the most rapid decarbonization results is critical to reaching net zero and achieving quantifiable intermediate steps.

Planckton Data gives you a roadmap and milestones to achieve your net zero objectives, build an inventory of initiatives to support GHG reduction and create an organizational framework to execute initiatives and provide accountability. We prepare a multi-year roadmap showing the incremental reduction in GHG emissions to achieve both short-term and long-term sustainability objectives, hence realizing value from the initiatives.

Carbon Footprint

Most companies don’t have clear visibility of the overall emissions footprint. Any net zero journey starts by calculating your carbon footprint which is trusted, to give you a view of emissions hotspots across the value chain

Planckton is built on global standards and has the digital brains to translate data to support a multitude of requirements using libraries of emission factors, references, calculations and unit conversions. We ensure your emissions footprint complies with globally recognized standards, such as Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO14067. Leveraging our platform, we automate carbon footprint calculations across Scope 1, 2 and 3, to support better financial, production and operational decisions in a more cost-effective manner quickly.

Platform implementation & support

Planckton Data offers a combination of deep data and domain experience in asset-heavy industries together with broad platform implementation expertise and a keen understanding of GHG accounting needs. Our technology team has decades of experience in managing Oil and Gas, Mining and Resources, Chemical domain data.

Our team of digital native designers enable delightful customer journeys to create human-centered and frictionless digital experiences to unlock value from carbon data and get you on your path to Net Zero faster and more efficiently.Our services span the entire implementation and support life cycle, fromassisting clients in data collection, data sourcing, planning, designing, testing, and implementing specific use cases on the platform.